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A Cat Enclosure for Christopher

Last week we helped Judy install a cat enclosure for her cat Christopher. She wanted to let her cat go outside but keep him safe at the same time so she purchased the Purrfect Cat Fence, which is what we have installed to keep our rescued cats safe at HAPI sanctuary.

Happy Animal Project, Inc. (HAPI) is a big supporter of installing some type of enclosure for cats who enjoy being outside. We want our cats to live the longest, happiest and healthiest life they can so we should do what we can to protect them from the many potential hazards they could face outside. Those hazards include everything from cars, wild animals, dogs, parasites, poisons, diseases, and toxins to animal cruelty (as sad as it is there are people who will shoot, abuse, injure, trap or poison cats).

Christopher the Cat

Many people build their own cat enclosures but there are also several options available for cat enclosure kits. You can make your cat enclosure as small or as elaborate as you want depending on your outdoor space. A simple Google search for “outdoor cat enclosures” will net you many options as well as images you can look at for ideas.

Here’s to HAPI and healthy cats everywhere!



Mindy Falzarano