There are many ways for you to help animals:


Spay/neuter your pet

Adopt from or volunteer at a shelter

Report animal cruelty

Do not feed wildlife

If you find an injured, sick or orphaned wild animal, contact your nearest wildlife rehabilitation specialist or veterinarian

Participate in events to raise awareness and funding for animal rights, safety, rescue and refuge

Transition to a plant-based diet. Here are some great resources:

Volunteer at your local animal shelter

Animal shelters love volunteers as much as the animals do!  There are plenty of things to do:  walk dogs, play with kittens, cuddle cats, clean kennels, update the website, etc. If you’re not sure where your nearest shelter is, visit to find a shelter near you.

Homeless animals need human interaction.  It helps them to be more comfortable with people while they are confined to a shelter, and provides much needed affection and attention.  Many animals are in shelters because they were abandoned or abused.  Spending time with them builds their confidence, and reminds them that they are loved.