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Rescued Cat Chewbacca’s Health Scare

Chewbacca was rescued as a kitten with his mama, two brothers and sister in September 2010. On February 20, 2018 we almost lost him. When we woke up that morning he was in the littler box straining to pee and crying in pain. Cats usually do a good job of hiding their pain so we knew it was bad. We could tell he was very uncomfortable and in pain. We immediately suspected a urinary blockage (urethral obstruction) and rushed him to our vet.

Once we got to the vet our suspicions were confirmed. He definitely had a urinary blockage and to make matters worse, his bladder ruptured. When a cat becomes blocked the bladder fills up because no urine can get out of the body. This is a life-threatening emergency because potassium levels rise in the bloodstream and can cause death very quickly. Chewbacca was rushed into surgery where the obstruction was removed, his system was flushed, his bladder was repaired and a catheter was put in. He spent most of that week in the hospital on IV fluids.


Chewbacca recovering

If your cat is ever experiencing any of the following symptoms take the cat to the vet immediately:

  1. Straining to urinate
  2. Producing little or no urine
  3. Blood in the urine
  4. Painful urination
  5. Crying, restlessness or hiding because of discomfort
  6. Loss of appetite

A urinary blockage is a life-threatening emergency. It is very painful and a cat will die quickly if not treated immediately. We are fortunate that we took Chewbacca to the vet immediately and that our vet acted very quickly and saved his life.

Chewbacca is doing great and has recovered well. This condition does have a tendency to recur so we are keeping a close eye on him. He is now on a different diet as well as chinese herbs daily to support bladder health.

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Watch the video of Chewbacca’s story here:

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Mindy Falzarano

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